B2B Content Marketing: To Be Successful, Be Creative

In my mind there’s nothing better than dazzling thought-provoking web content like an engaging Pinterest account or a well-written e-book.

A few weeks ago I had an interview that started me thinking about writing this blog post. I interviewed for a content management position with a company that sold a very specific kind of tech in the printing industry. While there, the marketing director and I spoke about the role and the need for the company to create a new website. I was honestly a bit shocked when the director told me that he thought of content as “page filler” and nothing more. It started me thinking, and I realized he certainly isn’t the only B2B marketer that feels this way. Perhaps this is what makes a lot of B2B marketing content so dry.

If you’re working in the B2B sector and looking to marketing your services and business products online you must embrace creativity if your content marketing is going to be more than page filler. There is just too much good content out there, and if you want to compete you’re simply going to have to be interesting to increase sales!

Keep Content Value

First of all let me say that you should never sacrifice value for creativity. That isn’t helpful to your business goals. The most widely applauded content always has a running theme to it, something that the reader can take away with them, think about, and then pursue in the future. Whether that is buying a particular product, or thinking on a  principle, the best content has this sort of substance to it.

Many marketers and business people alike make the mistake of thinking of creative content as frilly or frivolous . I am not encouraging you to just put fancy words on a page. What I am encouraging you to do is to take the core of the well written product research, case studies, and landing pages that you have now, and to shape them into content that is more engaging and interesting to read.

Multiple Content Strategies

Your content strategy cannot just rest on written content alone. The internet is now the domain of mixed media, and content marketing strategies have had to change and grow. Some of your audience members will prefer written content, and others will prefer audio. That’s just how it is. So getting traffic to your website isn’t just a matter of great writing. Since word of mouth marketing is now more popular than ever, great content means building your strategy and communities of engagement around search engine optimization and participation across social media channels.

Be sure that your content goals include the mediums that bring most value to your audience.  For example, if a regular blog isn’t attracting your readers try video marketing or vlogging. Utilize the most effective content communities for your purpose. There are simply too many for you to be active in all of them.

Maintaining Content Creativity

Creative content marketing takes sustained commitment. It’s hard even for me to find time to write blog posts, but I do it because I enjoy it and  it brings value to others. So must you commit to creativity. And you can’t just scrap ideas either. Just because video doesn’t work this month, perhaps as a result of a poorly thought out campaign (money does not make everything better), this does not mean that it won’t work in the future.

Marketers must continue learning about what works for their individual audience, and must never assume that any one audience is just like another. That is what continuously makes creative campaigns so challenging. It can take months to build an engaged audience. The good news is, that when you finally do create body of valuable content, it will become easier to convert site visitors into customers (your credibility will have been boosted by your content strategy).


Your content campaign is a single campaign, made up of individual parts that are integrated and work together. Remembering that the parts make the whole reminds content marketers that they have to adapt and embrace new technologies as they emerge/become successful. Don’t be afraid to be interesting! Remember that successful content:

  • gets you found in Google, Bing, or Youtube,
  • gets your name mentioned in social media circles,
  • engages your audience, and encourages them to recommend them to take action and promote your content through a variety of media.

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About Elizabeth E. Miller

Elizabeth is a content writer specializing in web content, blogging, and proposal writing. She is currently working as a freelance digital marketer and blog writer in Dallas, TX. Elizabeth loves social media and tries to be an active member of all social communities. She is also a daughter, a girlfriend, an avid football fan, and most importantly a Texan.

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